Записи с темой: music: the gazette (список заголовков)

♕ 012;

♕ album covers
[4] Linkin Park
[4] The Rasmus
[2] Green Day
[2] The Offspring
[2] Muse
[2] Coldplay
[1] Paramore
[6] the Gazette
[1] D'espairs Ray
[4] Girugamesh

I try to catch my breath again

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♕ 009;

♕ musical mix
[8] the GazettE
[4] exist†trace (gu. miko)
[4] Green Day
[4] Lostprophets
[2] Lumen
[2] Muse
[4] Olivia
[3] Papa Roach
[1] Red Hot Chili Peppers

seven years has gone so fast

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♕ 001;

♕ the GazettE, vo. Ruki
[12] Fool's Mate no.3
[04] Arena 37 special

shot to the heaven and the bullet will get back again

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